Tag: observations

On the Unexpected Delights of High Fashion

What could a witty perspective on “Haute couture” be today as our values shift to humble consumption?

When to Prefer Aesthetics over Function

Sometimes you can forgive lack of function thanks to great form. Where is it smart to draw the line?

How I Learned to Appreciate the Elegance of Black

It may feel like choosing black is the easy option. In fact, black often requires a more sublime sense of style.

It’s All about That Positive Outlook, Right?

Although it may smell like a self-help book, I’d like to share the effects of my general attitude on my life.

How Spaces Form Us

To some extent, all of us are products of our environment, a big part of which is actually built by us. This can be a vicious cycle or an opportunity.

Taking Road Trips as a Therapy

The moment I turn the key to go on a road trip, one of Wim Wenders’s movies starts playing in my head.

5 Things I Wish I Knew from the Beginning

A friend of mine used to say that experience comes right after you’ve finished something it was needed for.